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What makes low budget films sell?

by Stephen Follows.


Last week I shared some results from a survey I conducted of 542 film industry business professionals who have attended Cannes, AFM or Berlin in the past five years.  I looked at their perceptions of how much “micro” and “low” budget films cost, and the amount needed to make a ‘commercially viable’ film.

Today I am sharing more results, focusing on elements which filmmakers can influence in order to improve the chances of success with their low budget film – i.e. the film’s elements, genre and distribution route.  I also canvassed opinions on statements on a variety of topics relevant to low budget feature filmmakers.

In summary…

  • The single most important factor in the success of a low budget film is the script
  • The track record of the director and producer don’t seem to matter much
  • Everyone thinks that horror is the most profitable genre for low budget films
  • Only 17% of industry professionals think that the traditional distribution model is most appropriate for low budget films
  • Low budget films are great for training and showcasing talent…
  • … but not so great for investors seeking a profit

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