Michael Moore to filmmakers: Entertain people, don’t lecture them

by Peter D. Marshall

by Julie Hinds.


When Michael Moore talks, people really, really listen.

Love him or hate him, the Oscar-winning filmmaker’s ability to convey his message in an entertaining way has changed the face of documentary filmmaking — a fact celebrated this week at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Moore was at the event for a Monday night screening of “Roger & Me,” the still-relevant 1989 movie about Flint’s economic implosion and GM’s job-slashing role in it.

On Tuesday morning, he delivered a frank, funny 13-point manifesto to the TIFF documentary conference. It urged documentary filmmakers to embrace their role as entertainers and use that fact to gain a wider audience for nonfiction movies.

As always, Moore was eminently quotable. Here are some highlights:

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