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Egyptian movie director talks about taking risks in Arabic cinema

by Benita Adesuyan.


Marwan Hamed’s latest film The Blue Elephant is an anomaly in Arabic film. Released in July in Egypt to a strong reception, the hit film is a thriller, a genre that’s such a rarity in Arab film that critics thought it was a risk straying away from the feast of rom-coms and family dramas that usually play on cinema screens.

Starring popular names Karim Abdel Aziz, and Nelly Karim The Blue Elephant is about a criminal psychotherapist returning to work after a five year break, following the death of his wife and daughter. On his first day back at the ward, he discovers his best friend has been admitted. In trying to help his friend he delves deeper in to his own psyche.

Time Out caught up with the director to see if he feels the risk paid off.

Read the rest of this article from Time Out Dubai.

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