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by Gabriella Apicella.


On Tuesday 11 November, the fifth UnderWire Festival will open at The Yard in Hackney Wick. Founded by Gemma Mitchell and myself in 2010 with the aim to foreground female filmmaking talent, the opening night’s screenings are always of the XX Award Category. Unique to UnderWire, films selected for this award are of women’s stories and feature female characters at their core.

Remembering the mixture of despair and cynical amusement at the hoard of PVC-clad, gun-wielding dominatrix characters vying (unsuccessfully) for selection on the shortlist in the first year, submissions are now filled with the golden roles we need more of from the mainstream! Opening Night always creates a joyous atmosphere on which to begin this celebration of vital and original female voices making themselves heard in the UK film industry. Film after film presents women who are rarely shown, stories barely told, and views scarcely known: the night energises everyone present, and sets the tone for the week ahead perfectly!

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Explore Paul Thomas Anderson’s Research For ‘There Will Be Blood’

November 22, 2014

by Jordan Raup. As the credits will show, the main inspiration behind There Will Be Blood was (at least the beginning of) Upton Sinclair‘s novel Oil!, which from Paul Thomas Anderson expanded upon its themes and crafted his own characters of Daniel Plainview and Eli Sunday. However, that was far from the only influence the director had. […]

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How Passion Can Ruin A Filmmaker’s Career

November 21, 2014

by Elliott Grove. Call it the paradox of filmmaking: The very thing it takes to make movies often ends up destroying filmmakers and their careers. I started Raindance in 1992 when many of the filmmakers submitting to this year’s film festival were still in nappies.There is a consistent theme amongst the approximately 100,000 filmmakers who […]

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VIDEO: Recreating Interstellar’s Black Hole

November 20, 2014

by Joey Shanks. “How ever sophisticated your CGI is,” says Christopher Nolan, ” if it’s been created from no physical elements and you haven’t shot anything with the camera, it’s going to stand out.” A notable proponent of practical effects, Nolan shot his latest extravaganza Interstellar without a single green screen. In this new episode of Shanks […]

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Filmmaking in virtual reality

November 19, 2014

by Clyde DeSouza. They say you shouldn’t hijack the head-tracking data stream of the Oculus Rift; visuals should not be separated from the human vestibular system…but rules were meant to be broken. Why? Because there’s so much more to VR than gaming. This is not to say games aren’t becoming movies! I found myself strangely […]

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Filmmakers: Here’s 12 Tips for Directing Your First Feature Film

November 18, 2014

by Justin Schwarz. Six year ago, I decided to make a comedy about the paradox of family – how it can simultaneously be our source of strength and the root of all our problems, and for better or worse, it’s forever. This week my debut feature film, “The Discoverers,” rolls out on VOD and DVD […]

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8 Female Cinematographers You Should Know About

November 17, 2014

by Paula Bernstein. The statistics are disheartening. In the last five years, women accounted for just 3% of the cinematographers among the 250 top-grossing films. No female DP has ever been nominated for an Academy Award. We recently published a first-person story from Elle Schneider, director, cinematographer and co-founder of the Digital Bolex cinema camera, in which […]

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How Interstellar completes Christopher Nolan’s personal filmmaking trilogy

November 16, 2014

by Ryan Lambie. It’s often said that filmmaking is a battle between art and commerce. In his career so far, British director Christopher Nolan has managed to strike a balance between the two better than just about any filmmaker currently working. Look at how cleanly Nolan made the transition from independent moviemaking to the Hollywood […]

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A Palestinian filmmaker in search of her roots

November 15, 2014

by Rafique Gangat. Most Palestinians have been uprooted from their ancestral homes and land as well as dispersed far and wide, but some like Mahasen Nasser-Eldin, an independent filmmaker from occupied Jerusalem, have made it their life’s journey to search and re-connect with their roots. This is her personal contribution to keeping the cause of […]

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VIDEOS: 9 Cinematography Tips for Directors with No Space & No Budget

November 14, 2014

by Ryan Gielen. Over the past few years I’ve contributed articles focused on my experience independently promoting and distributing my previous two features, The Graduates and Turtle Hill, Brooklyn. But before an indie filmmaker can distribute their film, they have to shoot it, and one of the biggest challenges on features of any size is […]

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