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For over 40 years I’ve worked (and survived) in the Film and TV industry as a Film Director, Television Producer, First Assistant Director and Creative Consultant. (See IMDb Credits.)

In 1999, I started my website, ActionCutPrint which has grown into a major film directing resource for Independent Filmmakers featuring online movie making courses, film directing articles, film and television books and filmmaking workshops.

In 2000, I started publishing my free monthly film making ezine, The Director’s Chair which is read by over 6000 filmmakers in 105 countries around the world. (You can read 157 back issues here.)

To fulfill my goal of mentoring and teaching, I developed several filmmaking workshops that I have presented over the past 19 years (Singapore, Dubai, Haiti, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Regina.) I am also a directing instructor for Raindance Canada and the Vancouver Film School.

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The feature article in this month’s issue of The Director’s Chair is called How Do You Differentiate Good Acting From Bad Acting by Marcus Geduld. “If anyone tells you there are objective standards, they’re full of crap. This is a matter of personal taste. There are trends. There are many people who loved Philip Seymour Hoffman’s acting. But if you don’t, you’re not wrong. At worst, you’re eccentric.”

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by Gary Collinson.


For any aspiring writer, director, actor, or whichever field in film you happen to have aspirations in, a commonality exists. The struggle to breakout. There will be days when you want to give up, or days when you feel like you’re getting close, only to have the wool pulled out from under your feet. Aside from my love of film criticism, and regular contributions to this great site, I have ambitions as a screenwriter.

I’ve come within sniffing distance a couple of times to selling feature scripts. As happens many times in this business though, the precariously perched money atop the tree sometimes snaps its branch and falls to oblivion. As a writer you tend to be on a branch lower than certain others so any stray falling cash is picked up long before you get your mitts on it.

For everyone making a film unable to fund the whole thing themselves, funding can sometimes seem certain, only for the investors to back out last minute, often causing a house of falling cards scenario. In the UK there’s not enough investment in film-making for film-makers. We now have avenues such as Kickstarter, but attaining what you need via that is easier said than done.

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by Emily Best.


If we want to continue to have a thriving independent moving picture business we have to figure out how to build smart businesses that are also great films.

I host a “Women in Moving Pictures” salon at my apartment once a month. The first one was a small gathering to introduce my writer/director friend Rose to some female cinematographers. It has quickly grown in scope to a place we meet to dig into the challenges in our industry, not just as women (those challenges are many) but as independent creators trying to make a sustainable living.

I am a broken record in these sessions, insisting that the only way to circumvent an industry sluggish to keep up with changing demographics and consumer demands is to build a relationship directly with the consumer. I look around at the filmmakers in the room and I say, like I always do – connect directly with YOUR audience, meet them on the devices they prefer. You don’t need middlemen anymore!

And one filmmaker (whose wonderful film had limited theatrical release and is now on VOD) said to me: where are we supposed to get the information about where our audience is? How can we as filmmakers find that data?

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How to Capitalize on the Business Side of Festivals

October 18, 2014

by Sara Fenton. Getting to picture lock on your indie film can feel like crossing a marathon’s finish line but it’s really only the halfway point. Getting it in front of an audience and navigating the film festival circuit are separate challenges. “There are two parts to film,” Peter Belsito, co-founder of Sydneysbuzz, a blog […]

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For ‘Judge’ director Dobkin, directing is a choreography

October 17, 2014

by Rick Bentley. David Dobkin looks at film directing as a type of dance: It’s his job to lead his actors while still giving them room to express themselves. In the case of his latest film “The Judge,” that meant leading two veteran actors, ” Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall, through a series of […]

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Insider Insights On Indy Filmmaking: Selling Your Film And The Contract

October 16, 2014

by Chris Hood. The most heartbreaking element of filmmaking is the lies. Lots of lies. You’ll find they are prevalent. They’re self serving (as are most lies). And they’re big. Actors lie about their experience, schooling and work ethic. Writers lie about previous work and accomplishments. Directors and producers lie about big projects in the […]

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David Lynch: surreal purveyor of the evil that lurks within

October 15, 2014

by Andrew Anthony. Last year, the celebrated American film maker David Lynch expressed the view that “television is way more interesting than cinema now… it seems art house has gone to cable”. Just last week it was announced that Lynch, the one-time prince of the art house, is heading the same way. He and Mark […]

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Oscars 2014: The long, expensive road to Academy Award glory and the tips for successful campaigning

October 14, 2014

by Tom Teodorczuk. “I have to go to Washington to show the film to President Obama.” So said Leonardo DiCaprio 10 minutes after his arrival at a Wolf of Wall Street Oscar campaign lunch in a New York restaurant in December. As excuses go, it wasn’t bad. It’s not known what the President made of […]

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VIDEO: Roman Polanski on Making Rosemary’s Baby

October 13, 2014

by Vadim Rizov. Got 47 minutes? Good, because you’ll want to watch this documentary from the Criterion Collection about the making of ’s rightly beloved . Present and accounted for are producer Robert Evans, with his legendary voice still intact, star Mia Farrow and Polanski himself, who recounts how Evans got in touch with him […]

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