My next 2 day film directing workshop is called Essentials of Film Directing in Vancouver, Canada on February 7 & 8, 2015.

These two comprehensive and intense days are a must for any filmmaker wanting to reach the next level of career success as a film or television director in the competitive film or TV industry.

This 2 day live event is sponsored by Raindance Vancouver.

Day One – The Director as Storyteller

A director is a storyteller. A director is a project manager.  A director is a visionary. Many hats to wear and many responsibilities to balance. Most first time or early directors stumble into the job or fake it on their first shoot, but here’s a workshop that will provide the guidance, tools and tricks gleaned from both the best of Hollywood filmmaking to the most current of successful indie film and television projects.

Day 1 will introduce you to the essential roles of the film and TV director and covers the director as story teller, the business and politics of film, the director’s pre-production activities, script & scene analysis and the director’s visual concept.

Day One Outline:

1. Introduction
2. How to Make a Movie 101
3. 7 Step Film Directing Process
4. Class Exercise (Plot Demonstration)
5. What is a Director?
6. Directing a Film – What is Expected?
7. The Three Types of Director
8. The Business and Politics of Film
9. How to Work and Survive in “The Business”
10. Differences Between TV and Feature Films
11. The Director’s Pre-Production Activities
12. The Director’s Top-Three Creative Team
13. The Reductionism Breakdown Theory
14. Practical Breakdown of Scripts and Scenes
15. The Classic Three-Act Structure
16. The Director and the Script
17. Script Analysis Overview
18. General Script Analysis
19. General Scene Analysis
20. Power of Montage (Film Editing)
21. Six Film Editing Guidelines
22. Mise-en-Scene / Subworld
23. The Director’s Visual Concept

Day Two – Getting Ready for the Film Set

Day 2 will introduce you to the more in-depth world of the film director and covers character analysis and development, the director-actor relationship, text and subtext and the casting process.

Day Two Outline

1. Understanding the Language of Film
2. The Psychology Behind the Shot
3. Shot Lists and Storyboards
4. The 5 Groups of On-Camera Players (The Talent)
5. The Four Types of Actor
6. Observing Human Behavior and Emotions
7. The Kuleshov Effect
8. Motive Determines Behavior
9. Character Analysis and Development
10. The Director-Actor Relationship
11. The Actor’s Language
12. Text and Subtext
13. Character Objectives
14. Action Verbs
15. Result Directing
16. Working with Actors
17. Class Exercise (Shot Listing Demonstration)
18. The Casting Process
19. Director Casting Guidelines
20. The 5 Stages of Shooting a Scene
21. What is Blocking?
22. Class Exercise (Objectives & Subtext Demonstration)
23. That’s a Wrap

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I’m Peter D. Marshall and I created this film directing blog in 2007 as an online movie making resource center for Independent Filmmakers like yourself.

Peter D. Marshall

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For over 40 years I’ve worked (and survived) in the Film and TV industry as a Film Director, Television Producer, First Assistant Director and Creative Consultant. (See IMDb Credits.)

In 1999, I started my website, ActionCutPrint which has grown into a major film directing resource for Independent Filmmakers featuring online movie making courses, film directing articles, film and television books and filmmaking workshops.

In 2000, I started publishing my free monthly film making ezine, The Director’s Chair which is read by over 6000 filmmakers in 105 countries around the world. (You can read 158 back issues here.)

To fulfill my goal of mentoring and teaching, I developed several filmmaking workshops that I have presented over the past 19 years (Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai, Haiti, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Regina.) I am also a directing instructor for Raindance Canada and the Vancouver Film School.

I also offer Film Directing Coaching services via Skype. So why hire me as your film directing coach? Along with my international teaching experiences and my 40 years of professional filmmaking experience (as a TV Director and Feature 1st AD), I feel I have the necessary qualifications to help you achieve your dreams of being a creative and successful independent film director.

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